The Income Generation isn’t just another show about retirement planning or the financial markets. It tackles the challenges and concerns unique to everyday investors over 50: hardworking Americans within 15 years of retirement who want—and need—to know how best to try to preserve their money and generate income in today’s uncertain and unstable economic climate. Tune in every Sunday 10 a.m. EST to watch The Income Generation Show on YouTube with your host, David J. Scranton!

Meet the Hosts

David J. Scranton

Dave Scranton is a Connecticut and Florida resident with over 25 years of experience in financial services. He divides his time between a private practice in Connecticut and his Florida-based company, Advisors’ Academy, which teaches, trains, and provides research for financial advisors across the country.

Jeffrey Small

Jeffrey Small is a best-selling author, having penned Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up, which has helped the general public master the “inside game” of investing and avoid Wall Street and media bias. He is an industry professional and has appeared on some of the nation’s top TV and radio shows.

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