How Social And Psychological Issues Can Undermine Financial Success – June 11, 2017

Guest: Adam Vega
And as I pointed out before a good coach helps you play the game but he can’t play it for you. Now, there’s another core value for which I respect LeBron James significantly, and that is leadership. Here again, some athletes who demonstrate leadership on the field or court may fail to do it in other areas of their lives. And this includes managing money, as I’ve discussed many times being a leader financially often means taking the road less traveled. Zigging when everyone else is zagging. Now, we all know that there can be peer pressure when it comes to money and urged to keep up with the Joneses as the old saying goes. But imagine how much greater that peer pressure is among super wealthy young athletes, where the whole culture is about winning and being number one. Everything becomes about you, leadership, however, is having the ability to step away from all that, to say that I’m not going to follow that path just because everyone else’s. Instead, I’m going to take the path less traveled, I’m going to get the right coach and take the path that makes the most sense for me. And that again is a leadership, it’s another of the core values essential to protecting and managing your money in good times and bad. Now, let’s take a moment and welcome back my new friend Kenny Anderson. You know Kenny, you said it’s that you’re blessed in a large way because your mom was… had a big influence on your life in a favorable way. And even though you came from humble beginnings. She couldn’t teach you enough about money because she didn’t have the opportunity to manage her money on her own.
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