Importance Of Values When Managing Your Money And Choosing A Financial Advisor – June 4, 2017

The Income Generation With David J. Scranton
This is where values become so incredibly important because making that determination, understanding the practicality and sense of investing for income is one thing but acting on it is another. It takes the right values to be able to do it successfully both from a technical and a personal standpoint. It takes values not only help you identify when it’s time to take the road less traveled but again the courage to act upon that knowledge once you see it. It takes the ability to zig while everyone else is zagging and the plain truth is not everyone possess just the right values to manage money successfully that includes even people who do it professionally. Let’s face it, brokers and financial advisors are human beings and as a result, many of them are wired the same way as individual investors that’s why I always say that just like 80 percent of the population may not be wired to be a good do-it-yourself investor, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that eight percent of financial advisors fall into that same statistic.

What exactly are the right values for protecting your money and investing for income? We’ll talk about that more in just a bit. Right now I’s like to welcome a man who like me, literally wrote the book on values; actually a series of books. Bob Burg is going to help us understand why some of those old fashion values our parents and television parents taught us are still the best avenues to success in both business and in life. Bob Burg is thought leader and popular speaker; always in demand with huge corporations, small companies and business organizations of virtually every size and type but Bob is perhaps best known for his best-selling book entitled The Go-Giver, a little story about a powerful business idea that he co-author with John David Mann.
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