Market Forecast With Harry Dent And David Scranton November 27, 2016

Market Forecast With Harry Dent
Guests: Harry Dent and Jim Rogers

Welcome to The Income Generation. For those of you who aren’t in this age range, we’re sure you’ll find the wisdom presented in the next hour more than worthwhile. Especially tonight’s show where we welcome our guest author and fame economist, Harry Dent Jr to answer questions that are critical to people of all generations. He’s here to help us discover trends and connections that no one else unearths. I have personally been following Harry for 20 years and could say that with 100 percent conviction. Today we’re going to ask Harry point blank what he thinks is going to happen next with interest rates, with the stock market, with gold in real estate.

The good news is that gasoline prices, as most are aware, are down roughly 50 percent from this time last year and they’re likely to stay down as output and inventory levels for oil continue to be high and demand for oil in a weak low global economy is simply not expected to strengthen. Prices in most of the country are now just about two dollars and twenty cents a gallon or about seventy cents a gallon lower than they were a year ago. Maybe we’ll get a Santa Claus gift and have prices under two dollars a gallon by Christmas, you never know. But before you hop in that car and take that trip, stick around. Why? Because we’re all going to find out from Harry Dent what he sees over the horizon for all of us. And then we’re going to drill down and make it more personal to you as individuals. In fact, we should get really, really interesting because if you read Harry’s most recent book you’ll know that sex actually plays an important role. So I’m sure you have a lot to think about and talk about at your holiday parties.

Over the last three decades, today’s guest has been relied upon by business executives, financial advisors, and investors around the world. He’s appeared on Good Morning America, P.B.S. C N.B.C., and C.N.N. Finance. In fact, you may have read his commentary in Barron’s, Investor’s Business, Daily, Entrepreneur, Fortune, U S News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal or Omni. In fact, he’s a regular guest on FOX Businesses Nightly Scorecard and has written numerous books. In Harry Dent’s 1992 book ‘The Great Boom Ahead’, he had very little company as he accurately forecasts of the unanticipated boom at the fines that economic era. That same year he also authored two consecutive books, ‘The Roaring 2000s’ and ‘The Roaring 2000’s Investor’. If you read his 2004 book which included twenty years of forecasts called, ‘The Next Great Bubble Boom’ you may have been prepared for 2008 economic in the financial collapse. In fact, back in 1989 this week guest warned that Japan’s collapse was inevitable and in the 1990’s, he nailed the rise and fall that was the dot-com bubble. I was following his work in 2006 when he warned the housing bust was on the horizon and in 2008 those that listened may have been able to save a lot of grief by successfully positioning themselves for the credit collapse and collapse in equity values. So it’s no surprise that he was right on these forecasts because he’s a Harvard educated economist, author, and publisher and highly sought after speaker. Harry Dent also has a popular newsletter with over three hundred thousand subscribers. We’ll be grilling Harry today to better understand his methods, what he forecast for The Income Generation specifically, and hopefully have a little fun discussing what all of you individually can expect within your own household.

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