Medical Expenses How Much Is Enough? With Chris Hogan, David Eissman February 25, 2018

Guests: Chris Hogan and David Eissman
The Income Generation With David J. Scranton
A lot of our fathers and grandfathers probably retired with pensions, and that does still happen, but as Chris Hogan said, less and less frequently. To find benefit pension plans or other traditional retirement packages are mostly a thing of the past. Our generation much more so than our parents is on its own when it comes to creating and maintaining our own retirement accounts. You heard Chris say this just a few minutes ago. And finally, in our most critical years of saving and investing, our generation has already lived through two of the worst stock market crashes in history. The collapse of the housing market and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

If you think the economy in financial markets have gotten a lot more stable and secure since all that. That they’re just back to normal like the 1990s. Well, that’s probably another kind of complacency that could be extremely dangerous. As we talked about in last week’s show. The odds that a third major market correction won’t occur are extremely slim according to a preponderance of evidence and if you think depleting principal from a mutual fund during a rising or stagnant market is a slippery slope you can bet it gets a lot slippery or in a down market.

With that let’s welcome back today second guest David Eissman. David is head of Eissman Wealth Management in Acworth Georgia. I mentioned Atlanta but when you’re from Florida, it’s all part of Atlanta. Like me, he specializes in working with investors who are retired or within 10 years of retirement. He’s an SEC-registered investment advisor representative and a staunch advocate of financial literacy and Investor Education.
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