Personal Finances Year End Financial Checklist With Larry Winget And Jeffrey- December 17, 2017

Guests: Larry Winget and Jeff Small
Moreover, your financial strategy may periodically need to be adjusted to make sure it still aligns with your personal goals and isn’t actually jeopardizing them which oftentimes can unknowingly happen. And as I’ve discussed on the show many many times in my experience, most people have what I call purpose based retirement goals meaning that they’re saving investing for a particular purpose for certain goals not just to accumulate the max amount of wealth possible. In fact in most cases that purpose is simply to have enough retirement income to be able to maintain their lifestyle, travel and enjoy their favorite pastimes without worrying about running out of income or suffering a major financial loss.

In fact, one of the main reasons I became a specialist in income based investing is that I discovered long ago that it was the best approach suited to helping people achieve those purpose based goals. That was truly nearly twenty years ago when I changed my business model from a stock market-based model to the income-based model, and it’s still true today. Now, speaking of specialist in income-based investing, I’d now like to welcome one of the best in the business Jeffrey Small from Arbor Financial in the Melbourne area here in Florida.
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