Trump Tax Plan With Mike Burleigh – March 12, 2017

Guest: Steve Forbes
It’s a good step in the right direction and the president’s indicated in the past that he sees this as the first step not a final one, you remember back in the 1980s Ronald Reagan had 2 big tax bills , one in 1981 another one in 1986, so I think in a couple of years we’re going to get another bite of this apple, especially if republicans keep the house, in next year’s congressional elections and increase their control of the senate, remember next year there are 25 democratic seats coming up in the senate, only 8 republican, if you have a vibrant economy you can easily gain 8-10 seats and by god if you get those 60 seats in the senate you can do a lot of good stuff and don’t have to worry about Phillip busters or the other obstacles that the liberals always throw up. I think if they go through with what he proposed then everyone is going to benefit from it , perhaps tax lawyers will have a little less work but that’s not a bad thing and they can spend more time with their families so can IRS agents but for the American economy, the American people, the American businesses it would be great, it would be great for the world economy as well because if we show the way in reducing tax burdens can revive an economy other countries will follow in our wake. Remember, back in the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan did his drastic tax cuts, 50 countries followed suit in the years after those tax cuts were passed, so it would be good for everybody except democrats maybe, who are on the far left, but democrats would be happy too.
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