Why Being Coach able Will Help You Achieve Your Retirement Goals – June 19, 2016

Guest: Michael Hyatt
DAVID SCRANTON: Our show today is about coachability and at some point, I want to talk to you a little bit about your experiences as a business coach and a life coach in trying to distinguish you know some examples, perhaps of people who have been very coachable and gotten great results. And maybe some who haven’t been so coachable and haven’t gotten great results, but before we do that let’s talk about your most recent book.


DAVID SCRANTON: But tell me… just tell me first of all what motivated you to write this book about living the life you want?

MICHAEL HYATT: Well, I realized that a lot of people drift through life and rather than designing their life and when my wife and I had been married about ten years, we went on a vacation to Hawaii and we couldn’t afford to do much. But we took some free snorkeling lessons at the hotel which we loved and we realized that we could rent snorkeling gear for about ten dollars for the week. So we went out the next day after we’d been checked out and went to the lagoon, it was crystal clear, totally calm and we started paddling around and it was like an aquarium under the water. And so we were totally mesmerized, captivated and distracted and the next time we looked up about forty-five minutes later. We had been caught by a rip tide and drifted far out to sea and the hotel looked like a postage stamp in the distance. Fortunately, we had a boogie board and we swam like crazy to get to the shore and we haven’t been snorkeling since. Until last fall, but it really taught me an important lesson and that is that most people drift like that through life you know whether it is in their health or their marriage or their career. They’re not designing the outcomes they want but they’re drifting to destinations they would not have chosen and so I think it’s really important to design our futures and designer life. And that was the genesis of the book.
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